this is my profile and this is my but i'm not a blogger; since 2012 is my main pro activity ; besides i founded in 2006 when i first came to china, my brother vasken runs it now; i friend on with people i've met at least once ; you can circle me on google + because everybody uses google ; my profile is on linkedin that's where i maintain my network ; microblog is done in chinese on or on ; and in english on but frankly speaking i never know what to post to be cool. so i don't post much. i socialize with, the armenian community of china. and is the first expat soccer league we setup in 2013 in shenzhen. whatever is family-related would more likely show on my wife is gorgious. she followed me in china, paris and now los angeles. she cuts hair. you can schedule an apointment and my little man is nareg, he is the coolest.